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Mad B System.

The MAD B system has been developed for the offshore diver which is far away from a hospital or medical assistant to do his job. Thanks to a training "MAD B DIVER" ensures the diver or plough-leader that under all circumstances first aid and small curgical treatment can be granted to a large scale of traumatisms.

The user must be certified to do so and must be under accompaniment of a specialist with telephone or intenet.

A MAD B system contents:


For a list of contents MAD B, you can send a e-mail to: info@apox.nl
Oxygen Therapy unit
For a list of contents "Oxygen therapy unit",  you can send a e-mail to: info@apox.nl
Medic First Aid
For a list of contents" Medic first aid", you can send a e-mail to: info@apox.nl
Small in storage, folding in 4 parts.

Oxygen Therapy unit Mad B
Oxygen Therapy unit Mad B    

Part of the MAD B system
Complete oxygen therapy unit with suctionunit and catheters.
Ideal for resuscitation with deand system.

1,600.00 euro



Every trauma or accident comes with panic. How good you be trained.
This case is very clear and workable in a emergency situation.

2,990.00 euro


Bandage and diagnostic off-shore
Bandage and diagnostic off-shore    

Part of MAD B System
Explorercase 3818 with dispenders for bandage as named in DMAC 15 rev.2
In the lid we made a special inlay for a organized view of the diagnostic materials.

730.00 euro


Foldable brancard    

Part of the MAD B system
The Foldable brancard is very small when not in use.
It's foldable in half the lenght and half the width.

293.00 euro


Mad B Koffer zonder inhoud
Mad B Koffer zonder inhoud    

Empty case
Empty Drip case. When you have the material, we have the solution to store it appropriately.

700.00 euro

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